Show History — Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair

Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair

18 Feb 2017

Show History

The Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair, which will take place in 2018 is not affiliated to any other event. This unique high quality event showcases the work of some of the best UK miniatures artisans and takes pride in the work they produce.

The fair started from very humble beginnings in 2004 as a celebration of the second birthday of MTM (Market Town Miniatures), the Thame dolls house club. There were a few sales stands along with the huge and varied display of members’ work. Right from the start everyone involved agreed the proceeds from the event went to Breast Cancer Campaign.

The exhibition took place on a wet Saturday in February in Thame Town Hall. It was extremely well attended, and at times was so crowded people couldn’t get round the whole exhibition without a lot of manoeuvring! It was decided that the venue was not large enough, and the next exhibition two years later was held in a local primary school. Again, it was a large club exhibition with a number of artisans also invited. Once more, proceeds went to Breast Cancer Campaign. There was a similar successful exhibition in 2006. However the then Chairman of MTM, Christiana Dore, decided this was to be her last fair and this appeared to be the end of the event.

However, Celia Thomas, of KT Miniatures, who is a well known and highly regarded artisan herself, and also a member of MTM, had other ideas! Celia was centrally involved with the organisation of these early exhibitions and was encouraged by some of her fellow artisans to develop the fair further. So for February 2007 she booked the Thame Leisure Centre and filled it with high quality artisans, along with an exhibition of work from MTM, and fund raising tables for the Breast Cancer Campaign. The Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair, which is now so well known, was born. Thanks to Celia and her husband Dave’s hard work and commitment, the fair continued to develop over the following years.

Sadly, for personal reasons, Celia found it necessary to step back from the organisation of the fair, and we were delighted to take over the event from 2011. As with all things we expect the Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair to keep on developing and evolving. However, it is our intention to continue to maintain the high standards and expectations of the artisans who exhibit and the public who come to buy and enjoy the quality of the work on display.